16 oz. Stem Cells Serum

16 oz. Stem Cells Serum

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How to use: Clean and dry your skin. Use StemCellin serum during the day. Gently massage 4 drops of StemCellin on your face until it is absorbed completely. For best results, complete StemCellin cream at night before going to bed.

Total ingredients: Water, rosehip seed oil, vegetal glycerin, hyaluronic acid, xanthan gum gel (from fermented sugar), apple stem cell culture, lecithin, citric acid (from limes), ascorbyl palmitate (vitamin C ester), tocotrienol (vitamin E), potassium sorbate(natural preservative from mineral salt).


Skin ages in more places than the face, neck and hands. Take a look at your legs, or the legs of someone who is fit but older and you’ll see that even that skin is saggy and wrinkled. Why? It has to do with the pace at which the skin renews the key epidermal cells, as well as a few other factors. When those cells are not able to be renewed at the rate they once were, there are soon too many dying cells and too few healthy new cells. This is why the apple tree named Uttwiller Spatlauber is such an amazing find.

How can an apple tree have anything to do with skin cells? Actually, it is the apple stem cells and human stem cells that answer that question.

In a several published studies and clinical tests, the stem cells of the apples from this tree were shown to cue the epidermal skin cells of humans to renew faster, quickly combating common signs of aging and undoing things like crow’s feet and wrinkles. It is why we have created our Apple Stem Cells Serum in the generous 16 oz size. After all, you can also use it on the legs, torso, arms as well as the face, hands and neck.

Our Formula

Our skin care experts have created a remarkably effective serum that relies heavily on the apple stem cells. We use the award winning natural ingredient known as PhytoCellTec, an extract of the Utwiller Spatlauber fruit, it does not include any chemical preservatives.

We have also added several other skin boosting compounds (also natural and chemical free) to our serum, including rosehip seed oil packed with antioxidants like vitamins A and E, along with fatty acids; we also added 100% pure HLA or hyaluronic acid to ensure that the skin can hold far more water than normal (around 1000ml per gram of HLA); and lecithin that adds linoleic acid and other vitamins to the skin.

Daily Use Is Key

Use the 16 oz bottle as your day serum from head to toe, and our innovative Apple Stem Cells Serum will help your skin to begin self-renewing at a much faster pace, holding far more moisture, and beginning to produce collagen like it did many years earlier. You can also combat aging and damage with the natural antioxidants found in the ingredients. Our Apple Stem Cells Serum in 16 oz can help you combat signs of aging all over your body.




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