When most people think of winter they picture bulky jackets, snowmen and winter storms. There are very few who think about how they will tend to their winter health care as well as diet and exercise routines. You may not consider chapstick or lotion important until you have dry lips or skin. Likewise, you may not think caring for your health in the winter is important until you’ve come down with the flu for the second time in a month. Exercise and diet are often the first things we let go when the snow starts to fly, but there are many reasons to maintain these healthy habits.

Improved Mental Health

Taking the time to eat fresh fruits and veggies, fatty wild-caught fish and drinking herbal tea is a huge step in the right direction for improved health. Insuring your winter health care takes diet into account you’ll find your mind doesn’t get as cloudy in the cold weather. Exercise will release endorphins or the ’feel good’ hormone helping you to beat the winter blues. Moreover, getting enough exercise and eating right will also help you to have clearer thoughts.

Better Circulation

If you enjoy running outdoors as part of your exercise routine you may be tempted to take the few winter months completely off. This is not recommended as it will be that much harder to get back into it once you’re done with your break. Instead of taking the time off because of all the snow on the ground, try something different; indoor tennis, time at the pool or signing up for a Tai Chi class can really help. Not only will you have a chance to get out and about you’ll be able to get some exercise in. Studies have shown that even exercise intervals as short as twenty minutes, several times week will improve your circulation.

Improved General Health

With your body’s blood moving better than ever before and you eating fresh fruits and veggies you’ll see better health in overall. These foods are full of antioxidants and important nutrients which promote healthy skin and hair. Moreover, maintaining your health is easier when you are exercising regularly and eating right. Not only will you be able to avoid the ‘flu season’ you’ll also be better able to get through your day. With the right winter health care you may lose some excess weight, lower your blood pressure and avoid getting the flu.